NEW WORK🎨 : Skull, Acryl on canvas, 30x30cm, 2018

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As the story moves on, it was also clear that I’d do a skull, right?💀😉 Here’s a little excerpt from Damien Hirst’s For The Love of God (The Diamond Skull) that hits it on the nail: “The skull is a great symbol. It just doesn’t give you any answers. If you were holding the skull of a loved one, you would never really connect it with the person you knew.[…] We all want to die on a high note, but we can’t”. ….I actually planned to make the negative space black, but I somehow got carried away in the process and totally forgot about it…

Skull, Max Ruebensal, Acryl on canvas, 30x30 cm, 2018

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Good job mate. I totally love the art.

Thank you!

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