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Who has never tasted bitter, knows not what is
sweet” – Somali proverb

I came across a poem written by Precious Arinze with the title "When Hunger Becomes A Prayer". Reading through it, I felt for those who are in abject poverty and I wonder how they manage to survive in such condition. it really inspired me to make a drawing about it.


One of the verses that stunned me was where the author wrote:

  • "Oh heaven, let our suffering be biblical
    let the firstborns die if they must".

Like they are prepared to sacrifice whatever in order to escape from wretchedness.


And I think it is as a result of what the author wrote here:

  • "If the fighting does not kill us
    the escaping will
    and if not the escaping
    the hunger".

So, no point. They just have do whatever it takes to see if their god will hacken to their prayer.


Why nature chooses to bestow abundance to some few and condemn the majority to hunger and penury is way beyond my scope. This left me with two questions: Is Mother Nature biased? or is she preferential?


All credit goes to the author, Precious Arinze, whose poem inspired me to make this drawing. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you had a great day.

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Dear Artist @maxijgcomm ! This post has been upvoted from FineArtNow account ! See you soon !


Thanks for the support. Much love.

excelente trabajo amigo, te felicito sigue adelante


Mercy boku.

This is such a powerful image my friend, so sad but I feel it needs to be talked about, and thought of. We must help the suffering, feed the starving, give to the needy, and pray for them all. Incredible drawing, that touches my heart friend, you captured the pain so well it’s amazing. Bless you❣️


Bless you too. Am glad you understand the message.