BALL POINT PEN DRAWING | My Entry For "Art Explosion" Contest Week 44 - Theme : REBELLION

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Hello steemains, today I brought a new pen drawing after halting for a while. I chose to use pen because my it favourite medium and allows me to express myself easier and faster while being careful to avoid mistakes.


This is my second time of joining the contest proposed by @juliakponsford which has the theme "REBELLION"


Blue pen
Cardboard paper
Pencil and eraser

Development Process

The drawing was started by sketching out the figures with pencil. When done, I examined it carefully to make some adjustments and correct any error discovered. Thereafter, I used pen (blue) to overlay on the pencil (sketches).


After the sketching, I started working on my figures (from left) by adding tones. To build my forms, I shaded faster and deep on the darker area while still leaving some portions blank to depict the effect of light and shade. Here, I used deep tones and shased faster because the main goal was not to depict the actual face of my model rather, his posture and actionts. The same was applicable to the following figures.


Thereafter, I worked on the front man. This is where much concentration is focused on so I took time out make it look more realistic. From the model, the movement of my strokes can be vividly seen.


The whole process was completed after working on the remaining models. The "message" of the work can be clearly seen by their grievances, resentments and actions - protest & violence

Thank you for your time...
--- Happy viewing ---

Original work by @maxijgcomm (Marcus Maxwell)

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Thanks for the support- team @c-squard.

you certainly captured the energy of a rebellion very palpably with this piece ! good character expressions <3 the step by step is also nicely presented <3


Thanks a lot my fellow artist. So nice to aee you around once again.

Congratulations! Your work has been featured in our last Day of our Week 4 of highlighting deserving artists.

Week 4, Day 7 ~ @maxijgcomm.


Thank you very much. I really appreciate.

You will teach me how to do this one, i love it


Haha no problem my dear friend. I will, provided that you have passion for it.

Glad to see you around.

Awesome work!

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Thank you!

How the heck can you draw all that without erasing anything, that blows my mind, wow 😮 your so good! The expression on these men faces fill me with such sorrow. The pain is very deeply expressed. This is a beautiful work of art that provokes thought and feelings. You know it’s a fantastic drawing when it does that right? Bless you for sharing ❣️


Certainly it's a fantastic one. I usually focus much more whenever am drawing with pen which makea mistakes to be rare. Even though they occur, I overlay them with other strokes.

Thabks for stopping by.