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Everyone can make art!😍

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I used to go to school with a guy, Donald... He was technically blind (Thick thick glasses) legally deaf (hearing aids) one of those guys you would look at and write off as can't do squat but, man could he draw! He would get about an inch from the paper and produce fabulous art! Course if you watch any videos on Nick Vujicic, a man born without arms and legs you will see him do things you would never expect. Sometimes life is not about acquiring new talent but mastering what you have. We all have something on the inside that is screaming for an outlet. Those that find their hidden talent and let it out usually help lots of people in one way or the other as one's talents are best used when they help others. It also usually provides one with an incredible sense of contribution and accomplishment. IDK if this woman actually did this art work but I have seen enough in my life to know that it IS very possible. People, don't just seek your hidden talent, encourage others to look for theirs. Thanks for this post!

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