[The Word in Art #28] Original Drawing & Verse: "...Before I Was"

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"...and they were in Christ before I was."
(Romans 16:7b)

(Image: Original drawing--"Portrait of the Artist's Sister", 11" x 14", pencil on paper by Matt Philleo)

Here is a pencil drawing I did of my sister, @allforthegood, who was a Christian before me. She had accepted Christ at a meeting associated with her high school, kind of like a Campus Crusade for Christ, high-school style.

I thought she went off the deep end--a "Jesus Freak," but later on, I realized, she was a real Christian. Things changed in her life. She was always a pretty happy person, but after becoming a Christian, her joy was contagious.

Once, she and her husband, @bluerthangreen, had a talk with me at a greasy spoon restaurant in my hometown. I played "Stump the Preacher," asking him all the hard questions like "Where did Cain get his wife?" and things like that.

They were both patient with me, and answered all my questions well.

Finally, when I did accept Christ, my sister left me notes of encouragement, helping me with the next steps that you take after becoming a believer. I am blessed to have a sister like her--and even though she is three years younger, she was in Christ, before I was.

Do you have anyone like that in your family?

Be blessed,


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Better than a photo!


Thank you, Airmatti!

Wow, thanks Matt for the encouraging testimony! I was blessed to be able to be used by God to help you on your journey, and you in turn have blessed countless others. So glad you are my brother in the physical and the spiritual.


Thank you! Me too...It's been a great journey, and you think about the people that impacted you early on, when you're more impressionable and how much of a difference they make--it's something to share and be grateful for.

Finding new faith or been born again is a great decision of one's life and for such journey to be easy one needs a companion, someone having the same faith with us, this will help our growth and make the new journey an easy one. Such companion is your sister and many Christians have like such person in their life too. It's a good thing to be in Christ. Congratulations to us all


Amen. Many have impacted us in the faith, and God is faithful to place those people in our lives when we need them. After we are strengthened, we can do the same for others!