La chasse

in art •  6 months ago

The art installation below is called La chasse by Lucy Skaer. It is currently on display at Edinburgh University.

La chasse means the chase. What is being chased? Well if you look carefully you can see shiny coppery objects. These represent a hare running or sitting on its back legs depending on their shape. If you want to know what happens to the hare you just follow the terracotta bricks path. It is very similar to pictures in Livre du Chasse, which is a medieval hunting books.

On one of the paths the hare survives a folly of arrows while on another path it gets wounded and bleeds to death, while on yet another path it has peaceful day in the forest passing some puddles of water.

A lot of modern art only has meaning within a certain context. Sometimes it can be very difficult to guess what this context is if you don't no the philosophy/perspective of the artist. But in this piece all of this becomes directly clear from the name of the art work: La chasse.

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I miss art museums. This winter break, when I'm in Omaha, I'll make time to visit the Joslyn Museum.


What do they have on display over there?

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It is a surprisingly large museum considering the location. It seems to have at least twice the holdings of the Seattle art museum. The way that I go through art museums it would take me two possibly three days to see everything, where as I was able to see the entire Seattle museum in an afternoon.

Joslyn ranges from antiquities through modern in addition to the rotating exhibits that are on loan from elsewhere. I'm particularly fond of the European collection, but really, there's no part of this museum that is disappointing, including its architecture.

You can view selection of the European collection here:

Omaha is a pretty amazing city. For being basically in the middle of nowhere it has a great art museum, a nationally known opera house and symphony. It also has one of the top 10 zoos in the world. As I reflect more on my life as it currently is, Omaha is increasingly on my mind.

Modern art is something that I would never understand. The connections/thoughts are sometimes too abstract for me.
But it looks similar to my floor when I’m building up some furniture. 😂


Yeah there are hints of IKEA in this work :P

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