Started working on a pencil drawing-one of my favorite villain from marvel comics universe

in art •  5 months ago

Hello there, finally i started working on another pencil drawing.
This time i am drawing Ebony Maw from marvels infinity war. first when the trailer of this movie was released i tried making a digital paint of ebony maw. that wasn't very nice though.

i am really obsessed with this character. first when i saw the trailer for this movie there was this part when ebony maw was shussshing someone, by the look of the trailer it seemed then that he was shusshing dr. strange because strange was screaming under torture.

in the movie it turns out he was shussing thor.

i just loved the way he put his finger on his mouth and that look in his eyes.....
i didn't know very much about maw then but still he just became my favorite villain only because of that look.

and in the movie i loved his act.... he was so steady and powerful. i loved the way he talked and everything. its a shame that he died(!) so easily.
so now i am trying to draw him on paper.....

here is how far i have got till now........

i guess its not very much but if you want to see the full drawing you might need to wait a little longer.

i didn't took photos from the beginning of this drawing. i was so lost into it that i forgot to take pictures....

here is the process from where i took pictures....









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wow amazing talent

Basically from the childhood want to sketch the pot photography as like same physical product


Interesting. Im looking forward to see the final artwork ^.^

Que buen proceso, sigue así y al terminarlo será otra gota para la fuente de motivación para que sigas haciendo y mejorando lo que sabes hacer y lo que te gustaría aprender. Muchos idiomas en el mundo, pero el arte siempre se expresará por si mismo desde el momento que el autor le de vida. éxitos! echa un vistazo de como va el mio

Even though you're just starting it already looks great. Ebony Maw was probably the best of all the children of Thanos. Can't wait to see it when it's finished.

Keep it up.. Best of luck!!

Nice lines yeah!

Like it, I want to see the final work!

I never draw like real,i ike your sketch,gotta be pretty tough..

good job, upvote for you
I have a question
¿What is the most important here? ¿the perseverance?

nice work.

also visit my profile and have a look on my paintings


Amazing Skills, Stunning Sketch Work Keep It Up :)

Very cool! I will wait with interest for the end of your work!

you bring me back to my school days where pencil was only medium of writing and drawing , where mistakes were allowed since we had eraser to erase , great bro , thank you for refreshing my memory

I think you done a decent job. Sketch drawing is not easy. Every one cant do that. It’s a god gifted & you are one gifted with it.
I think you are almost there.
At least you tried and shared with us.
Please do post such more of your creativities.

looks cool, the drawing i mean. the actual character is not that good looking lol

“Some of the most beautiful art I have ever seen.”

Nice work man.
Is that drawing already complete?

This is looking really good...can't wait to see the finished piece!

In Korean proverb
"The Start is half"
I want to see completion.

Great sketch, that shading is awesome !

esta quedando increible!! el proceso c:

Amazing start, keep up the good work. looking forward to seeing it finished.

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tienes talento mucho éxito en tus futuras obras .