Progress on my pencil drawing-showing the process step by step

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Hello there, i am here with some more progress of my pencil drawing that i am currently working on.

in my previous post i shared a very little progress of this and asked if anyone could identify the picture. no one could, thats probably because there was so little drawing for anyone to understand. anyway lets see if anyone can identify this now, if no one can that means i messed up with the face......

here is the final drawing:

i am done with both of the eyes, the nose and part of the lips. i am also done with some of the hair.....
can you identify this now?

here are the process shots:








i am enjoying this piece and so sometimes i forget to take pictures, which is why there are so very few shots.

i am using some very darker pencils for shading. but for the first layer i always use hb pencils.


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¡Hello again! i felt little tickling in my stomach when i saw the progress of your drawing, i'm still amazed and ..... I THINK I KNOW NOW WHO IS SHE! well .. i dont think ... IM 100000% SURE! she is .. ¡¡¡ ARYA STARK !!! after Jaqen h'gar took Arya's vision. =D

that is correct

Yheiii! jeje thank you for sharing your art. its amazing ! i cant wait to see the progress. By the way soon i gonna post a timelapse from barbara´s drawing, i hope you can see it and coment if you like it =D
Att. Hacker

sure, i love watching timelapse drawing video......

¡Hi! ¡i hope you have a good day!, whenever you want you can see the timelapse that i told you before . =D

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I cherished painting and drawing for some reasons. One of them was that all it extremely required was me, a pencil and a cushion. It was something I was energetic about, and still am. your drawing reminds me, my old memorys.

i love the way you shaded this piece so inspiring bro

@masummim50 I am not expert of art. But I can say for sure that you are doing great work my friend. You surely have amazing skills for pencil sketch. Will follow you for more updates.

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Pretty Cool.

very talented , nice

beautiful talent

You are talented. well done

This is astonishing and marvelous.

Please what kind of pencil did you use?

This is beautiful, waiting to see the finished work...

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Cool project, can't wait to see the finished work ☺

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Looks like Arya Stark

Great work! image

Vas estupendo ;)

I would be very happy if you expressed your opinion

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Excelente trabajo no calles tu Arte.