Male Pencil portrait-portrait drawing-showing the process step by step

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so turns out that artists block is a real thing.....
last time i finished a drawing-that was 11 days ago. i started working on a different drawing right after i posted the last one. but after spending a few hours on the outlines and the eyes, my hands just stopped.

theni couldn't draw anymore.... everytimei sat down with that drawing i ended up doodling on another page but couldn't make a singly stroke on this piece.

i used to thought writers block is a thing because it can happen that the writer ran out of things to write or having trouble figuring out the pattern of his writing. but artists couldn't have that because there are always things to draw. well, i was wrong....
even if i knew what i was drawing i just couldn't start....
sothats why i am so late this time in uploading a drawing.

anyway, i finished it, even though not the way i wanted to finish, but i finished.

Final portrait:

as usual i took process shots to show the process.....

















Awesome drawings - really like seeing the step by step and evolvution of them! Keep it up!! Thanks for sharing!

thank you for commenting

I a gree with you...

Awesome drawing

As an artist too i can say wow:) Followed you now

J'aime beaucoup

there are many talented people here at Steemit and you are definitely one of them.

Orlando Bloom? Pirates of the Caribbean?

yes,,,, i tried.... i guess i did good, because you figured it out......

It's really great, I recognized him immediately. Can u make one for Jack Sparrow​?

i think i will give it a try

How is it ,drawn by me
Just doing my best

that is amazing...... you should try drawing bigger.... bigger is better and if you draw bigger you will have better control over the shading and the measurement

That is Beyond Talented.!!! Great Job.!!

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Wow very good drawing

Great drawing upvote for upvote please

you better stop doing that, or you wont get very far in here

Hi @masummim50,

Amazing to see your artistic talent, really men you have got an amazing hand. And I want to say its just fabulous.

Have a nice day,


The part of the sketch only with the eyes is very beautiful, and all the portrait is very nice, I'm no artist, but my father is a cartoonist creative i have seen paint all my life and I know that the human face is the most difficult to draw. I congratulate you for the initiative to show how it is done step by step

You have finished this amazingly. Great it

Amazing!! That’s really something. I know it’s hard and i respect you, just keep going you have a talent.

thank you so much

Amazing Drowing, please back me, support me, upvoted.....@firozdiu

Nice drawing i like it good post

I am interested. Awesome. its just fabulous.

Very nice work! I enjoy watching the progression of artists work. The first artist that I truly watched after while creating works was releasing progressions on her social media. Katelyn Alain was her name. I've had a few artists create artworks of myself. I think it's a great talent. I've always loved portraits. Keep up the good work!

Very beautiful art .Step by step .One picture after another is amazing. Those who do not know art, they can draw some art from your art.

Very beautiful art. step by step.This is a lesson for beginners who want to do arts.

The best of black and white art "portraits". I love the details of the eyes although I would like to know what pencils did you use? I recommend that you use from the HB to the B3 to improve them, in addition to using blur, they give it a special touch. Greetings and congratulations. You are an artist

i used hb,2b, and 4b pencils....

I love... for hair starts using HB and ends with 3B. It's advice.Regards

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you really are an artist.

its sfs (super fucking sexy ) paint

i will take that as an complement

Really amazing sketch. Specially one dark face side of man. Congrats

thank you.... there were a lots of shadows, so that part was supposed to look better

This is really beautiful. I wish I could be this creative.. Nice piece of work.

thank you, you can be if you want to

Nice Drawing, the step by step process is also explanatory enough. Welldone. You are such a talented Artist.

thank you so much........

Nice art..
I can feel how difficult to make this..

Nice art..
I can feel how difficult to make this..

Keep spirit to make art like this @masummim50..

thanks, and you can put all the comments in a single thread

wuao muy buen dibujo buena sombra, pero el cabello esta feo, tienes que trabajar un coco mas, pero esta excelente me gusta mucho

i have no idea what you just said, english perhaps?

ok it's fine, it's very good your post I like it a lot and the drawing great very good the image

Hola buen trabajo me gusto tu paso a paso ,sigue adelante que con la experiencias se va aprendiendo y manejando mejor las técnicas,saludos

Hello, good job, I liked your step by step, keep going that with the experiences you learn and handle the techniques better, greetings

i am sorry, i don't really understand this

Hello, good job, I liked your step by step, keep going that with the experiences you learn and handle the techniques better, greetings

nice drawing ~^^

beautiful work.

wow man, nice work

wow you finished it great .you can draw well try too hard you can do it better than this .wish you all the best it really beautiful art shadeing nicely done .

Congraulations! Great art work you got there @masummim50

you are the boss😍😍

Drawing really needed lot of time and talent, your paintings reflect your hardwork and dedication to the world of art..

wow! nice drawing!

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

Great artwork! You are one awesome man!

Cool in depth view of the work put into the drawings. Really does look like Orlando. You’re good, haha! Thanks for sharing. Upvoted

This is avesome drawing.wouvvvv

wow dear this is your pencil sketch so awesome i really like them your step by step your art thank for sharing

the process was not clearly shown step by step and it is clearly a clickbait..and i ate the!

We just only see the final picture genarally but you have shown the real efforts involved in that.really amazing!!!!

It's so incredible your painting ...
very talented even more handsome than the original..

I like the shadowing or the art, keep it up!

Greetings friend masummim50, your post is very good; besides, it is pedagogical, something is learned. I am a sculptor and a goldsmith; I also know drawing and painting techniques, it's because I approached your post; I congratulate you, it's very good.
I invite you to my campus here at, your visit is an honor. You have a good day.

its nice and beautiful drawing :)

thank you so much

good picture step by step

Beautiful artwork in pencil.

Great drawing. Pirates nice.....

Great work on the shadows.

Thanks for sharing, that looks really good. When I start drawing, it does not look like a human anymore ;-)

AWESOME! love the detail

I really like your art!!!
and I would like to have a collaboration with you as portrait artist.
please write to me on steemchat or on discord. my nick is @moncia90
I am looking for artist like you

nice process, step by step so many people inspired by your work..

excelente retrato hermano

i like your post
step by step your post

Awesome drowning your'e very clever.

Muy buen trabajo felicidades.

You are really a great artist I like and love your art.🌴🌴🌴

I've became your fan for your good work.
Take Care my friend.
Bless you.

Wow! This is so amazing @masummim50. I see a lot of passion in you.

Thank you for sharing your talent @massummim50. I wish i have the same. Haha.
I recognized him right away, Orlando Bloom because your sketch is very clear and crystal. I see your HeArt in your Art. ☺ I am following you since. Have a nice day my friend.

I've always felt amazed by arts and artists, because I myself am unable to draw a single line lol, although:

i used to thought writers block is a thing because it can happen that the writer ran out of things to write

I used to write pretty frequently, and yes, it happens really often. Kind of funny to see it happens to drawing artists too hahaha.

Amazingly daisly , do not stop even when shazzy your are doing so goodly crazyy

Awesome drawing. you are very good artist. thank you.

Good stuff! Thanks for documenting the process. I see that you have a great sense of value. You know how to convey drama, charisma and overall composition. Keep up the good work!

That is phenomenal work.from the moment that I saw it .i knew that it was Orlando bloom.excellent 👍🏽 Thank you for your post 👍🏽🥇

I appreciate your talent and showing step by step its seems good.

INCREÍBLE TALENTO, muchas felicidades y exitos te los mereces :D

very cool, thank you for this step by step manual. you are an talent ,

Wow!! Thats awesome art.. I like it.

Nice shadows yeah

Nice work!
This man looks like Orlando Bloom😊
amazing art!👍

Your very talented it looks easy but dont try it because it is only talented people like you that can do it Thankyou for sharring and have a Awesome day

you're doing so great! wow!
im trying to be not jelly :'D <3

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im a big fan of pirates of the caribbean ♡ you really did a good job of portrait of will turner :) as an artist too, i really like it :) 👍

Hey. First-class good work. I'm about to test your teachings right away. Thank you very much and best regards.

very talented!!!!!

Amazing, congrats!!! Great artist.
I invite you to visit my blog! I'm new on Steemit and I'm so excited to post and follow people with nice pictures.

Wow. This is really amazing. Kudos!

Wow. This is really amazing. Kudos!

Looks amazing! Keep up the good work :)

I would like to get to that level sooner rather than later. beautiful.
You would make me very happy if you give yourself a pass on my blog. I'm still starting, you'll advise me.

thank you... i will surely check out your blog

Thank you for this step-by-step guide! I dabble with drawing and painting but tend to skip the sketch and always try to go straight to the final look. I need to be more organized and methodical!

A very difficult job, you can do great

Nice drawing! You must be watching a lot of Hollywood movie. Thanks for sharing the great job @masummim50!

thank you. yes, i watch a lots of hollywood movies, but how did you figured that out?