Finally finished my pencil drawing of ebony maw

in #art4 years ago

Hello there,

its been like a month since i started working on this drawing and because of so many little little obstacles i couldn't finish it in time. But finally i did.

Here's the final drawing:

for some reason it feels like to me that i failed to catch the whole vibe of ebony maw.

i used a lots of different kind of pencil for the drawing and for the background i used charcoal and very soft brushes.

lets look at the process shots:













I wasn't able to take very detailed screenshot at the end because i was trying to see if i could make a video while i draw. i was able to make a video but that is so huge in size that its impossible to upload.




Marvelous work!

Great quality of pencil art work man! I wish I could draw too, but I think it never happens haha!! Keep doing such a great job. Looking forward to seeing your next art work! Congrats bro :)

Apparently, you’re right from the great turnout of pencil art work it looks so real. Keep doing such a great job @masummim50.

Wow that is pure talent right there! You did an AMAZING job! Thanks for sharing keep it up. I will defiantly follow for more!

Wow, men! Is great! I really like that piece, but I think you would've captured if you had used more shadows, just to resalt the highlights! keep the good work! You gain a new follower!

thank you.... i will keep your advice in mind for the next drawing....

Great details on the drawing :)

i agree this is sickk

Felicitaciones. La verdad una obra maestra. Mi hijo de once años tiene ese don también de usar un lapiz y sacar ese tipo de obras de arte.

INCREDIBLE JOB, MAN, it really looks like him in Infinity War. I wished he had a bigger rol in the movie tho, he's amazing in the comics. Keep at it, bro!

thank you so much. i wished that too. i never read any comics so the iw trailer was the first time i saw maw, and that look was pretty much all i needed to love that character.....

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Genial! Tambien apoyo el arte y me encanta encontrarme con este tipo de obras! Las aprecio sin duda alguna! @masummim50 saludos desde Venezuela!

This is very nice.
I'd like to see a timelapse.

thank you.... i am trying to make timelapse video of my drawing. for this one i recorded the last part of it in speed mod, it was total of 5 mint and the size was 1.5gb, this is the reason why i couldn't upload that

Looks amazing in the end!

thank you. i also thought that it would look worse, until i added the background and then i thought it was okay.

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Nice work. Your drawing is awesome

thank you

You are really talented. It looks awesome. Keep them coming.

thank you so much

That is a nice work! Can I ask if he is the one who is in Harry Potter?

no, this is not voldemort from harry potter. this is Ebony Maw from avengers: infinity war.


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Wow, Great job

Great pencil drawing ! I see you spend a lot of time on it- specifically details look outstanding. Keep up the great work .

thank you so much

beautiful drawing, good job!

Nice, i like it a lot.

Great details!

I'm delighted! Your details are amazing! The theme is also unusual and it looks powerful. Good job!

Really nice, marvelous work!

Wow! it's great! congratulations, your technique is very good, I like it

very good my friend

Is this Lord Voldemort the villain from the Harry Potter series? Correct me if i'm wrong.hahha.. By the way, great craftsmanship! How I wish I could draw just like you.

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Admirable. Me declaro tu fan!

Another one great artist here on steemit. Really nice drawing. It looks like Mrlakenstein. Is it a version of him or is the resemblance unintentionally? :D

It's written on your profile that you are a newbie illustrator. When did you start? Someday I would also like to be an illustrator. I am working on that. :)

i don't know who mrlakenstein is. this character is from avengers:infinity war(movie). i tried to make it look as similar as possible for me. i am still figuring out how to draw the shapes right. i stated to draw about two years ago, but i wasn't paying very much attention on my drawings. after i found steemit i thought if i could get better at art i could start an art blog in here. so basically its been about a year since i started to really develop my skills and put more time on art.....

:D This character resembles so much to Mrlakenstein (from Harry Potter movies-a bad guy, he did a scar on Harry's face) :D I thought that this is an older version of him :D


Ebony Maw


You see the similarity? :D The Ebony Maw could be Mrlakensteins grandfather. :D

I was drawing here and then as well. I looked for a drawing or a picture or an object that I liked and tried to do a slightly modified copy, without shadows-which are really important, ... But only a week ago I started to watch a channel on YouTube about sketching basics which really are the necessity if you want to do this sort of things on a higher level. :D I am looking forward to seeing myself in one year, can't wait. :D I think that in one year the skills can be greatly improved. :)

yes, someone also thought that it was voldemort.... i guess there arre some similarities, specially with the nose area. i wish you luck, i am sure you will greatly improve. the little far that i have come is by watching youtube videos and other peoples' art

I am sorry, I meant Voldemort :-D Mrlakenstein is our slovenian translation for his english name. Lol, my bad :-D

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