Doodle Queen Series #4 Title: Fuschia

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Hello Steemit! Presenting, my latest doodle using my graphic tablet. This is an etched style color play using only 2 colors.

fuschua sky.jpg
Doodle #4 : Fuschia

This art work is very easy to do. You just pick a very bright color for a background and white for the foreground. This is just a a simple silhouette of lines and dots that anyone can do.

If yo don;t know what fuschia is, it's the color that I used for my background. It's also more popularly known as Hot Pink.

I used a graphic tablet for this doodle and that is why I am using very simple techniques for now as I am still learning how to use it and all the settings you can incorporate for more advanced art work.
Graphic Tablet

I hope you have enjoyed this doodle series #4

Here is the definition of doodle according to Merriam Webster Dictionary:
doodle meaning.JPG

I don't think it's a very comprehensive definition coming from a well respected dictionary. So let me define doodle according to my experience:

DOODLE (two syllables, pronounced "du-dal" emphasis on the first syllable) Verb, Noun
A form of casual art drawn by hand using primarily a pencil, colored pencil, crayon, or ink pen, without giving a lot of thought to one's work, or drawing casually from what one is thinking at the moment. Doodle is the mother of street art where artists don't follow conventional rules.

fuschua sky.jpg

"He who doodles overcomes art hurdles" -Me :)

I hope you guys will have a lot of fun following my doodle series. Anyone can join and share thier doodle in the comment below. I will upvote those that will share their doodle and will share on my page the doodles that I personally like.

Let's go!


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Great idea, I like the colour. I've got a small graphics tablet somewhere, haven't used it a lot, I'll have to look for it.

Hi! Thank you for dropping by! You should definitely use your graphic tablet and make some awesome art work. I am still learning it and I am having so much fun. Looking forward to your art too!