An Awe-Inspiring Visit To The Metropolitan Museum Of Art NYC 9/4/17 (WATCH THE VIDEO!!!)

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There's a lot of wonderful places to go in New York. One day you can be enjoying an easy afternoon at a beautiful park, the next day you may just find yourself wandering about a well-curated museum. Well, museum it was on labor day for us! Let me tell you, one day is not enough to explore the MET museum.

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It houses countless beautiful antiquated collection from the middle ages and even before that time. Just to give you an idea how vast MET's arts and culture collection is, you can check out this LINK.

Photo taken by MaryJanePower

The art collection includes a vast range of items like tombs made of marble, engraved with beautiful images, elaborate accessories, paintings, old coins, gigantic horn instruments, glorious roman sculptures, Jewish art during the reign of the Roman empire , African tribe outfits, potteries, beautiful jewelries, books, trinkets with gold details, etc. There is so much that i would just bore you to death if I'd mention everything here.

Painting by vincent Van Gogh (Photo taken by me)

As I was going through the artifacts, I would find myself in wonder how the people from that time were able to create such special unique things without the tools that we have in our modern time. I think that the best of artists were born during that era. They were the real craftsmen... being able to create with their own hands. with no patterns to follow, no machines to automate design and they were able to think up their own unique work of art. Nothing looked exactly the same. I have noticed particularly that all the artifacts were intricately detailed, it's mesmerizing to look at.

An elaborately detailed etched steel armor weighing 60 lbs! How can you even move fast in the battle when you're carrying this much weight? LOL! (Photo taken by me)

Even their horses were armored! You gotta do what you gotta do... :D (Photo taken by me)

(photo taken by me)![20170904_162716.jpg]

Sculpture of Aphrodite (photo taken by me)

I'm not sure if we are ever going to have artists of this caliber again. The people from the olden days had the luxury of time. They were busy for the right reasons. They were not rushing like we do now and because they were't always in a hurry, they had the time to pause and appreciate nature and everything beautiful around them. Those moments of appreciation inspired them to create beautiful things with their hands and imagination.

There were still a lot that I did not see in the museum because one day is just not enough and the collection is still growing; there's always new artifacts added to the collection. But I will be back and explore some more.

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