🔹 MY DIGITAL DRAWING - reptile eye - step by step

in #art3 years ago

Hi friends, today I am going to share with you my latest piece made in Photoshop. It is another eye, this time snake´s.


I must say I don´t know what kind of snake it is. I was just searching for some nice pictures on google and this eye cought my attention so I decided to draw it. I would like to share with you also a process of drawing, so here it is:

🔹 First I had to draw an outline. This layer should stay still on the top so I could draw according to it.

🔹 I set the basic colors under the first layer.

🔹 Scales should be separated in more round shapes. They look like a small stones one next to another.

🔹 Scales have also a texture and some reflection. I used ligher and darker shades so it looks more round and spatial.

🔹 The eye was quite difficult to draw at th beginning, but I found out how to draw it well.

🔹 I added more brighter points and areas, connected lines and make also some darker places. That white reflection makes the eye look more alive and sharp.


🔹 And it is done... adding more colors and reflections...

🔹 Here are some details


Thanks for watching!




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Beautiful Reptilian All-Seeing Eye.

This is one of my favorites. =~D
The detail in the scales is impressive and beautiful. The added light blues are a wonderful touch. Also love the spiderweb like clouds in the eye.
Looking forward to more or your talented works of art. =>

thank you so much :)

I admire your art and patience. Beautiful result!

thank you :)

Good work. I like the crystal feel.

Nice job!
I love it!

Nice work. Love the details 🔥

I think maybe you have a tree python there, I love snakes :) Gorgeous eye, it reminds me a bit of Sauron from Lord of the Rings too.

thanks, it is possible, I dont know snakes :D yeah, me too :)

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Super wow im impressed. so much detail. Thanks for sharing the process.
i learned a lot.

That's pretty cool


UPVOTE and following you!


Thank you so much for using the #original-content tag for your Original Artwork!

Wonderful job, keep it up!