🔹 MY ART - watercolored peony - process

in #art4 years ago

Hello friends, here is my new watercolor painting according to a photo.

20171203_172430 1 (2).jpg


The process





20171203_171753 1.jpg

20171203_171910 1.jpg


Thanks for watching!


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Wow, you did a great job! I absolutely love it ❤

great job; love the colors. Love the contrast. I've been wanting to do a flower like this for a while, I'll get around to it eventually!

Very cool artwork, @marty-arts! May I ask you, what world manufacturer of watercolor paints you use drawing your beautiful flowers?

thanks :) It is Nevskaja Palitra

Oh! I live in Russia, And I visit St. Peterburg often. My favorite watercolors too!

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Woah! That is awesome! Great work

i love peonies, I did too an illustration of peonies, your painting looks excellent to me!