🔹 MY ART - watercolored gemstone - process

in art •  last year 

Hello friends, I painted another gemstone! I really enjoy painting small separated parts in shiny colors.


The process








Thanks for watching!


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This one might be even better. I like how many colors it refracts.

I am really loving your gem stone paintings. The facets really lend their luminosity to the habit of watercolour. Really very lovely.

  ·  last year (edited)

Awesome @marty-arts, You make art with a nice watercolor. I am also one who likes the art of watercolor.

btw, I prefer the left, rather than the right one. :)

Beautiful, I like the combination of colors and the idea of ​​volume that you achieve. It looks like small pieces of glass making a collage.


thanks so much :)

I love how shiny it looks like! The effect you achieved it's amazing. I'm starting with watercolors so I don't know much yet, but I'll try to practice something pretty like this one.

i really like your work, the combination of colors are amazing.

There is an tattoo artist in Berlin who does tattoos that look a bit like your gemstones 😊


Beautiful! Followed and Resteemed...

What a great idea, it looks stunning!