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Time for some photography!

But first a little introduction: I love chess.

I love the game, I love its history. I love the variety of chessboards and the stories of grandmasters and world champions. I think I have between 15-20 old, new and obscure books about chess in my library and writing this post makes me want to write my own book about chess, hah, that's how I feel about chess.

It is and remains an awesome game - my uncle teached me to play it when I was (guessing here) roundabout 7 years old. I am still thankful for that. In art-school I wanted to make a life-size chessboard with pieces in wax (so they would melt over time), but it was financially impossible. Still, it's an idea...

So my other option was to take my coolest board (a handcrafted one, from Hungary) and made some contrast-y, very bokeh-y photographs. Enjoy!

(one of these photo's may have made it onto my deviantart-account, as far as I remember)

And as far as I know, @bmwaso is the only Steemian hosting chess-tournaments on Steemit - I haven't been able to participate yet (kids, schedules, ...) but if you're interested: check out his blog and join! Also, @bmwaso - if you can (and want to) use any of these pictures for announcing your tournaments: feel free to do so. You can, and have my permission :)

Which picture do you like best? And are you a chess-fan?

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Good luck in the next tournament!

Thanks, hope to make it :)
You too!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

wow thank you for the "booster" in my other post :)

btw I was thinking about your suggestion to make it fix date ... and I came with the conclusion the weekends chess tournament to make it fix date&time 19:00 GMT/Saturday( from next tournament onwards) and to make one more which won't be fixed date&time and it will be during week days so people from asia region like @crisgojar and so on can use it to play in my tournaments too.

Sounds very well!

Beatiful pictures, I will definitely use some of them, now that you are letting me :D. Resteeming this for exposure. Good job and hope to see you in some of my tournaments!

Thanks & also for the resteem :) Hope to make it one day!

beautiful :D

Thank you @petriz!

Great post! My best pic is the fifth one because it is so confrontational. I also like the way the focus bypasses the front left. It draws the eye to the main protagonists. I always wanted to learn to play but never did. Still, there's time yet :)

Thank you @deemarshall! It is a setup of a historical game (although I can't remember which one), but I did look for the two horses next to each other, confrontational indeed :)

And yes, there's still time to learn, I've been playing (on and off) for 33 years or so, and it's still fascinating!

deviantart account? tell me more ;)

I'm not very active there anymore, are you there too? jazochromatic

not active either, but you have a new watcher and a llama badge now :P

Hahaha, the frigging llama badges!

Amazing, looks like you got there earlier (and also left earlier... I once took DA very serious, but what a mess it has become...) ;)

Awesome :D

yeah, I used to love dA... there used to be a time when you could find so much talent there...

nowadays it's just cosplay, crappy fanart, nudes, or random combinations of these three.

Exactly that, with ads on top! I once browsed DA with my adblocker off... I had no idea...

one does not simply disable adblock on dA... lol

I now see Boromir in front of me, hahaha :D Good one!

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