Art Explosion - EXPRESS YOURSELF - My Entry for the Contest

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ExpressYourself6a.jpgMany places that are dear to my heart and connected to my childhood memory changed. I probably should say DESTROID by local governments and crime. I can’t fined any logical explanation for what happening and it saddens me greatly. Only memories and stories about these places are left to tell to my children .







whoa... I love this... you're so talented

I also have stories about bad governments and insecurity to tell. Your work is deep and i feel connected.
Nice sketch, go ahead 🙋

I am glad that you found personal connection to my artwork. Thank you for stopping.

Our thoughts and memories are the best source of inspiration, regardless of whether they are bad or good, it is possible to create excellent art when we organize our thoughts and represent them in a drawing, painting or any type of art. I think the important thing is to drain everything that goes through our mind and release it. I love the great amount of detail that your drawing has, the shadows and depth is perfect. Thanks for sharing, regards.

I keep to many thinks inside of me ..........just needed an opportunity to tell the story

How insanely beautiful and powerful. Love it!

Thank my friend. I am glad to hear from you:)

Same here :) Been a while since I saw you work some of your magic!

Really nice drawing @marinaart!!! 🤠🎨 👏👏👏

love the story behind the drawing.. beauty sacrifized in the name of progress

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This awesome, and very nice pic
Do you have title for this picture?
I resteem this post, i like this :)

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