The CaveTree - art by @mariandavp

in #art4 years ago

In an earlier post of mine (Sweet Solitude), I discussed and illustrated how I viewed a child's experience of social distancing and lockdown.

Children adapt quickly, and their imagination allows them to travel mentally... to basically everywhere in the universe! Adults on the other hand, are not as adaptable.

Being communicative but truly an introvert, I had no problem whatsoever embracing the solitude as well. However I found myself being torn on how to perceive the new reality.

Stuck between the sweet desperation and the debatable opportunity for a new beginning, that every change brings, one moment I found myself sitting in a cave looking at the magnificent chaos of the end, the other second I was out in a newly found nature thriving on the past.

The work was mostly painted with acrylics on canvas but I have also used markers for certain details.

The painting can be hanged on the wall, either side.




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