Infidelity - office art by @mariandavp

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Today's art is inspired by a syndrome of our times; the...

There is always something better syndrome.

We are so used of getting anything we want from the shelves, that subconciously we believe we have this sort of entitlement with people as well.

Especially lovers.

Of course, it is only rarely that this something better exists, so we end up hurting people and getting hurt time after time.

Innocence is long gone. But all failures can lead to success if one is willing to admit his or her own responsibility for the defeat.

It is important to realize that what we can't find in others is something we need to discover in our selves first.



Very beautiful...

Another stunning painting. So meaningful what you say my dear friend. We must not spend our lives letting the others tell us who we really are. In no way should our past decide our future. And you know something? maybe it's our job to invent something better. Beautiful art as always. you never disappoint us 😘

Thank you very much sweetie! It is also important not to project what we are missing or what we long to others! Kisses!

What a wonderful artwork you made, i wish a have this artistic imagination

Τhank you! I am sure you do though, everyone does ...we just need some work to unlock it.

I'm always trying hard to make something but I can't find an art in it 😂😂

Woow amazing beauty...

You are welcome baby..

Great Post & Art as always !
Steem on :)

Thank you as always @jcsteem!

wow amazing piece of art work and the way you combine face in art is no doubt so skillful and creative work. Stay blessed

I am really glad you like it! Thank you!

a very good story and very beautiful art @mariandavp

Thanks a million @taillah!

You are welcome, friend @mariandavp

Another masterpiece...

You make me blush 🌹🌹

As always your art is created this art very intelligently and beautifully
I must say u are a creative artisit

That's very nice of you @barbie.doll thank you!!

Sometimes looking for something better is necessary (when you are in a toxic relationship).
But it is true, we have got so used to getting what we like and have things our way that some do it with lovers too. I won't say the cliche "the romance of the past is gone", because people have always cheated, but I will just say we have lost the virtue of patience and devotion.

Beautiful painting as always, @mariandavp! Have a good night! :D

Who needs to fix things when we can find another? Thanks @ruth-girl!

Yep, I can relate to that, been there in the shelf. Beautiful and creative as always 😊

We are more than you think! Thank you @siucatti!

Very true @mariandavp! 🌸

You're always such a brilliant philosopher... As humans it seems we always want more than what we have

We have a saying in Greece about philosophers who taught virtue but didn't practice their own word!! I am notorious in realizing the mistakes and then just roll down the hill with them again!! 😂😂

It is important to realizhe that what we can't find in others is something we need to discover in our selves first. Those are very wise words my friend. I would agree. I sense a colorness and confusion to the art today that part of the confusion of infidelity. I think you found the mood and artistically painted it spot on. Infidelity is a syndrome of our times yes... I think it has always been in every time. I have heard some believe it biblicaly was the first sin with the serpent.

Indeed, I think infidelity is something we inherit. It was/is just legit for the man in some cultures while not in others. I think that the physical instincts and infidelity that comes from that is not as sinful (if anyone can be blamed for nature) as the infidelity of the soul. The ego driven cheating that comes from greed.

here i have my wallpaper for today
such a deep art
loving it @mariandavp

Wow I don't know why but knowing my art became your wallpaper made me very happy! Thanks!

I strongly agree.
because before we judge others we better value ourselves. and before we hurt others, we should think first, what if we are in pain, life is full of twists and turns, should do good and live with a clean heart.
your painting is very good, I really like your painting. you are a great painter and a genius.
if I can paint like you, I am very happy and happy.
Good post and good luck @mariandavp

I think you summarized it perfectly... "what if we are in pain, life is full of twists"
Although we are very much into ourselves we fail to place ourselves in someone elses shoes.
Thank you very much @egy90! You should be happy anyway, although as I have said before everyone can paint. They just don't know it.

if a person's self is sick, it's a common thing. because every there is sick there must be sehag, and every difficult there must be a pleasure.
life is difficult, sometimes difficult, and sometimes there is fun.
assemble the raft upstream,
swim lap pool.
get sick first,
have fun later.
Thank you @mariandavp

it's great, it's a good idea. I agree with your opinion on the assessment of others.
I really admire you because you are a professional painter.
I collect with you.
Good luck @mariandavp

Thanks so much @edy90, enjoy a wonderful Sunday!!

Thank you to.
You welcome
@mariandavp is the best

We have a Dutch saying; the gras is always groener at the neighbours.... But; when you forget to put water on, it will be brown as well.
So do your best, put energy in what you do, and results/goods will be returned.
But what an amazing good work, I like the different faces. Very well done.

Very nicely put @livelifefullest, that saying and your comment covers the subject end to end!
Thank you for the compliment on my artwork!

Creative artwork highly appreciates your creativity in it.

So many suspicious eyes. Suspiciousness is not fun at all, let's just be happy all the time :(

You are really talented wonderful artwork😍

I really like how you created multiple faces. Definitely a nice one!

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