Cherry blossoms - art by @mariandavp

in #art4 years ago

This Spring we had more time to observe the nature that thrived again in our absence due to the lock down. Although I avoided going out much, I am blessed to have a garden, where I spent many hours during the quarantine.

The nights have been especially interesting not only due to the different sounds and the night birds but because even the trees seem to have a different, slightly glowing behavior. It was the first time that I understood them to be true living creatures.

My cherry tree was one of the most magical creatures in my garden, since it went through major changes in a short period of time. From completely bare to full blossom. I just ate my first cherries for the year from its delicate branches, but the sweetness of the fruit cannot surpass the taste of beauty.

I drew my blossomed cherry tree using mainly office art, that is pens and permanent markers.


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