Black Magic Woman - art by @mariandavp

in #art4 years ago

Got a black magic woman... I have been humming this song since yesterday evening when I went out to the balcony to paint and heard the music from a neighbor's house.

What else could I do but paint her; a Black Magic Woman.

If you have followed my art over the years ypu will have noticed how I love to draw and paint African women and children. I adore their beautiful curvy characteristics, the honesty in their eyes, the colorful culture and the subtle rhythm of their aura. I truly enjoyed making this drawing as well, even if it's no more than a humble office like art.



Mis sinceras felicitaciones, es una verdadera obra de arte que se disfruta y mas
aun en estos tiempos donde es saludable mantenerse ocupado ya que contribuye con la higiene mental.Gracias por compartir.

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