Drawing of Audrey Hepburn

in art •  last year


Hey Steemians!

I'm super excited to share my work on this platform. Here is one of my first portraits I've ever done! It shows one of my favorite actresses Audrey Hepburn. I'm a huge fan of her films therefore I decided to draw that beautiful woman.


Every time I'm trying to draw realistic I get obsessed with the details and I totally love it to draw on point, even if it takes hours to finish.

The equipment I'm using is as minimalistic as possible. White paper in DIN A3 and a pencil from Faber Castell.

I confirm hereby that I made everything by myself.

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Tens jeito. Bom trabalho



Beautiful! I am envious of artists who can do portraits, that is the one thing that I really struggle with and the one thing that I would love to be able to do! hahaha


Thanks @artbyjessyca
Well it's more or less a question of practice :) just continue working and you will get better!