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RE: Save/As #006 : A Weekly Creative Boost from the Artists I Love

in #art3 years ago

Bottom left of the seesaw imagination could totally work. I was actually super drawn to the yellow in Papersmiths. It could be nice to have colour play like that in public furniture.

Okay, you said if there is an artist, architect, designer's work you find particularly interesting, share in the comments. So here goes. Your take on the see-saw reminded me of the design collective Daily Tous Les Jours. Do you know them? They do a wonderful job of conceptualising interactive public installations. 21 Balançoires is a project where they designed musical swings that harmonise when the users work together to produce sound. I think you'll like it :)


Thanks for sharing this @manouche! I remember seeing this in a blog when the 21 Swings project first came out, but I never looked further into it. I absolutely love the way the installation encourages such a creative and interactive experience for the visitors. I will definitely look into more of their projects!

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