You Are Beautiful Like A Butterfly

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Hello Steemit!

Hope you all are doing good? Just like the crypto markets :-p.

Anyways, while looking at my old art stuffs, I remembered I haven’t shared one of my charcoal art with you guys yet. I actually saw this picture some where and saved it into my phone. Then, during my art classes one day I thought to bring that image into my art file. So, I went ahead and made a charcoal art of it.

This art is quite simple and is relatable to many of us. Like, haven’t you all tried to catch those beautiful butterflies in your hands and just feel how beautiful they are? I have tried many a times, but never could. Haha

There is also a message that we are all beautiful like the butterflies. They are of different colors and patterns and that makes them unique. Similarly, our unique abilities and personas also make us beautiful. Nature truly has millions of ways to inspire us. We just need to look.

I would like to now share some clicks of my art. Thank you :)





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