The Cat Goes Mmeeeoooow

in art •  28 days ago

“The smallest are the masterpieces”, I always murmured when some people used to taunt me for being short in height. Haha.

When I look at kitties, I actually feel it’s so cute, the actual masterpiece on the earth, with those bright eyes. Sometimes I feel animals are better than humans, at least they don’t taunt you for being yourself :-p.

Just with this silly thought in my mind, I made a sketch of a cat. This was created just a year ago, when I started charcoal :)

Hope you guy like it. Do comment. Thank you:)






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Merry Christmas, enjoy the vote!


Wish you the same. Thank you so much :)


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i like your style...follow you :)


Thank you :)

What a cute cat :D He looks a bit sad, but his eyes are so large and tender and I would like to hug him!


Cats are really cute, specially those eyes :-p. Anyways, thank you so much :)