Charcoal Painting - 2

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Yesterday, I posted my first 6 charcoal artwork and today I am going to post 5 more. I made these artworks after learning charcoal art for one and a half month in Jaipur.

charcoal 2.jpeg
Seventh, I made an art of Lord Gautama Buddha, the symbol and the very embodiment of peace.

charcoal 3.png
Eighth, I tried a big sized art of Lord Ganesha, this art took me around 8 days

charcoal 5.jpeg
Ninth, I saw this picture in Pinterest, and found it really cute. So, I thought to try it out with charcoal.

charcoal 6.jpeg
Tenth, I made this art of an Lord Shiva, the symbol of creator, preserver and destroyer.

Eleventh, as I personally love ballet dancer. So, thought to create an art of it.

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Thank you so much:)

Wow! You are really PRO 😉

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Very cool works, I come soon and look more what you post, I like B&W art. Also it is good when you let me know when you post, the more fast I come back.

Thank you so much:)

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