A sculpture from Lusaka

in art •  7 months ago

This sculpture is made from the contorted stump of a forest tree.

It's been carved and polished to a high sheen.

What's intriguing about the method of this sculptor is that the branches and other areas are carved not just externally but are also hollowed out internally.

Wooden pebbles are shaped to look like a pebble bed nestled at the base.

This lateral root is carved with a braiding intricate design.

A view from the front.

More intricate carving and hollowing out.

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@mandela that would be cool with running water through the carved portions.

Wow, not even a single time one can understand that (without touching it) this one is made from a tree. Amazing really!!

Absolutely stunning!

Now that's so expressive; Brilliant creatity..... Upvoted

Nice work

This is Awesome. How is it gotten to balance on the ground withoit over turning?

nice carving, I like@mandela

I really like this post photography and also beautiful A sculpture from Lusaka,, thanks for sharing with us


Resteem done

i am very amazing and courious to see this post's pic.thanks for share this

Very beautiful in the eyes, do you find it difficult when you make it?

Pray this finds you and yours blessed!