Check it out -- my Steem Bot Tracker logo contest entry!

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Good morning, Steemians! A VERY EARLY good morning, where I am. :)

Do you use the Steem Bot tracker? If you don't.... you should check it out:
@yabapmatt is holding a contest to design a new logo for the site. Below are a few flavors of the designs I created. I hope you like them:

Steem Bot Tracker logo both eyes open 2 FULL JPG.jpg
I went for a simple design with a cartoon feel.
Here is a version with a winky eye..... because... it makes me smile. C'mon, it's a robot with a winky eye! ;D
Steem Bot Tracker logo 3 FULL JPG.jpg

Finally, here are a couple of simplified, smaller logos, for use in the browser tab or elsewhere:
Steem Bot Tracker small icon 4 JPG.jpg Steem Bot Tracker small icon, simplified- head only- JPG.jpg

Thanks for what you do, @yabapmatt! I hope you like these. Either way, you have my vote as a witness. Even after only a few days so far here on Steemit, I have discovered that you are very involved and I really appreciate your Steem Bot Tracker. I have been investigating bots and will soon try out using them myself thanks to your tracker helping me to understand which are more profitable etc.

Have a lovely day, everyone!
Steem Bot Tracker small icon, simple, 1- head only- JPG.jpg <---- (one more smiling winking robot, to brighten your day!)


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