Stained glass lion - the mood of the interior: drawing steps

in #art3 years ago

Good afternoon Steemit! Today it's warm and sunny. Therefore, I propose a light master class on stained-glass technique. Draw a beautiful lion?
It will not be difficult.

First, draw a gray outline on the glass. I offer you a ready sketch that you can use to create your own drawing. Just print out my sketch, place it beneath the glass and circle all lines with a contour for the glass.

Black paint for stained glass, we fill the most contrasting places.

Red color is no less contrast, so choose the cells to fill this color neatly. With this color, do not overdo it.

Gradually, our African lion will become bright and sunny, like Africa itself ... :)

The white outline will help us to identify the eyes and other elements that we can express.

I suggest making the background blue. It will turn out to be very heterogeneous due to the mobility of the paint, but this has its own charm.

To make the drawing even more interesting, you can take a bit of white, blue and yellow paint, and with the help of sponge put on the background a few touches.

Sunny African lion is ready! It took me 2 days to create it. I think it's not so long for work that can be done with pleasure ... :)
I shall be very glad to your comments!


Wow - thanks for sharing the process on drawing on glass! 😊 What kind of paint did you use? Is it something special for glaspainting? Does the painting stays on the glass?

Sorry - for asking so many questions!😅

I just think that it looks soo incredible, so that it makes me curious... 😊

I used paint for glass on a water basis ...) Practice shows that this paint falls down pretty well and retains its properties for a very long time ... There is reason to believe that this pattern will remain so forever ... :) I'm pleased with your curiosity! :)) It even inspires ...)

Beautiful work :) Resteemed and followed :) Thank you for sharing the process of your work as well <3

I am grateful to you for a pleasant comment ... :) Mutually follow you!

@jsantana loves lions :) I bet he likes your work as much as I do <3

Yeah, I love lions. Wonderful @malinamoss and thank you for the mention and for remember me @yoganarchista

It's great when different people have common ground ... :) We all love lions ... :))

Wow nice work! I really like it. All that colours are so beautiful together :D

Stained glass is always unpredictably bright and lively! ) Thank you!

it was great .. supper

Thank you... :)

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Wow Irian... nice one... Great demonstration...

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