Speed Art Painting: Emerald Nebula

in #art3 years ago

Hey there guys. Welcome back to another Speed Art Painting.

At this point, I'm really comfortable at painting space scenes. But I am far from done learning.

In this painting, I actually went for something a bit different. Actually, 2 things to be specific. One is the color scheme. I went with a vivid emerald kind of feel. Most of my paintings focus on blues or reds, so I wanted to change it up a bit.

The second thing that you may have noticed, I attempted to paint a space ship. Drawing space ships is actually more complicated then it seems, as it takes a keen understanding of perspective and shading, but if I can master that.. It would really take my art to the next level.

In this painting, once again I expand my know-how of using procreate tools to accelerate the painting of space objects. Using layers and opacity and blending is how I create my planets and orbits.

Not too happy with the appearance of this "Ship" but I will be trying to extend my knowledge on it in the future, and I'm getting into the habit of trying to incorporate them inside.

As always guys, let me know what you think, and what you would like to see in the next painting.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Really liking the emerald green. I can definitely see how mastering perspective will help to create a more dynamic scene with space objects.

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