Speed Art Painting: Steem Twilight Ocean

in #art3 years ago

One of the more rewarding things about building up a skill is when you're able to change and switch things up. It's a mark of improvement and shows understanding of what it is you're trying to learn. In other words. Progress.

This is a painting of an still lake or ocean, reflecting the stars with the Steem Logo hanging above the sky mysteriously. Could it be the moon? Could steem be going to the moon soon?

Who knows.

This is a really good composition, and looking at it instils a deep calmness into myself.

What about you guys. What does this painting make you feel?

Thanks for swinging by again. I really appreciate the support from the folks who still support my content, without you guys I wouldn't be here posting content on Steemit.

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lovely video for art @malicered
thank you for sharing