Speed Art Painting: Dark Matter

in #art3 years ago

Just want to speak a little bit about my last post. While some may translate my post as "Negative" or "Complaining". I want to make it clear that I'm not whining about Steemit.

It's just that I feel discussions like this should be taking place, as someone who's invested in the success of Steemit, I feel like issues should always be discussed openly. Infact, it's just straight up important. There will always be debate and arguments, it's our job to discuss these things.

Anyway, here's another speed art painting, I hope you guys enjoy.

Once again, thank you for your continued support and viewership. Please leave any feedback or suggestions below for me please.

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I love what you say and the matters you discuss here on steemit,i dont care about who complains,as for me i learnt alot from your last post.I also love the painting,Thanks.

Thank you brother, I appreciate that a lot.

I admire your work bro. Very nice as you achieve the cosmos, especially the effect of the gases of the nebulae that I have seen in other of your works, very good, I love the nebulae and your spatial landscapes are very cool. Visit my blog if you want to see my art