Speed Art Painting: Shadow of the Steem

in #art3 years ago

Welcome back, once again.

I think you guys are actually going to like this one.

So I was thinking while sitting at my desk, how can I incorporate more Steem into my paintings. Today I bring you my idea of a way that the Steem logo can be incorporated into a painting.

As you know, I've done plenty of paintings using the steem logo to try to bring my paintings more aligned with steem.

Some future Ideas that I have are, how about a space ship, with steem logo incorporated into it's design. It's a fairly ambitious kind of project, but one that will be rewarding none the less.

Anyway, thanks again for joining me today, I hope you guys enjoyed the art.

As always feel free to leave thoughts and comments below, and suggestions on what I can do next.

Thank you!

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I was looking for the logo... Then I found it lol... good work!

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