Speed Art Painting: Galaxy & Nebula

in #art3 years ago

This is the first of many painting that I will be releasing that will have the theme of space.

I've also attempted to make this video much more quicker, speeding up the star painting. Which was a series of duplicating, merging, resizing, and redoing.

So effectively I learned how to quickly and effectively create star backdrops. Which is very good to know for my future paintings.

I did try to incorporate the steem logo, but I couldn't really find a spot that make sense. I need to really bring up my game with implementing organic shapes into perspective.

I'm seriously thinking about enrolling into some kind of painting class, since I'm really loving painting and the concept of well... Making concept art.

What do you guys think? Let me know. Also, what do you think my next painting should incorporate? Challenge is always good as it pushes us to learn things that are new. I'm ready guys.

Tell me what you guys want to see in the next painting.

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This is really an ancient artefact but what bothers me this day is that do they get the attention or respect they deserve during those days

Wow this is astonishing, I dont have a talent for painting and its rare that I got awe with it, I got awe with yours, looking forward to more of your masterpiece..

Thank you very much for you warm words. It takes some practice and a little bit of passion. But the feeling you get cant be described when you share your works with everyone. thank you for your support!

That's really cool; I'd love you to paint the sunset next because I think that would be great...... Keep the fire burning

A sunset? Sounds awesome. Will do. Thanks for the support!

i voted for you, and you should also help me.

Not a bad idea

Good but I'm expecting something unique.. A painting that touch our heart. One could read and realize the whole story by mere painting.