Speed Art Painting: Scorched Orbit

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Did you know that every star that you see is actually a distant sun?

Did you also know, that they are so far away, that they may not even exist anymore, and that light that we see is an afterimage that we're now just seeing?

You know that cliche, the "We're so small compared to the universe". Well.

Enough of that. Now, I'm happy to report that I am steadily learning new techniques and capabilities with my iPad and procreate.

One amazing tool that I learned of, is inverse selection. I thought this was a tool limited to applications like photoshop but it's in here too. Basically, I can select a portion of my painting, and draw inside that selection without accidentally painting outside of that selection.

So for example. My planets. I've been trying to perfect planet textures, but it was annoying because I had to lay down the texture, then clean up anything that spilled out of the sphere, With selections, I can just specify a sphere and lay down texture without having to do crazy cleanup.

What do you guys think?

Oh yeah, and if you have any ideas or suggestions, please also drop that down below and you may just see your idea featured in the next painting!

Thanks for once again visiting my blog!

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I'd love to feature a piece during one of my podcasts. It's something I've been doing with people I meet on Steemit or Discord.

Hey this sounds cool, I'd like to know more info. What's the name of your podcasts?

Are you on Discord? My name there is Movement19#0266.

Sent a request!

Really cool @malicered I love getting a chance to watch artists start from scratch and build up a new piece it helps give me ideas about how to approach ideas I need to get out of my head. Great work! can I ask what software to you use to record your time lapses?

Very nice painting, even though stars are not suns, we can't go to space and the Earth is flat. You could probably get a job with NASA illustrating space based on data and your imagination!

This is terrific!! You did all these electronically?. I'm yet to take my own art digital as I still do art the conventional way, like sketching on pads and paper.

Thank you! And yes, this is all done digitally. I use an iPad pro, 2nd gen with the apple pencil. It's insanely good tbh, I've tested out other drawing tablets but none come close to the ipad. I also use an application called procreate which is surprisingly powerful and has a lot of really cool tools.

So interesting. It's good to know.