Speed Art Painting: Steem always rises ~

in #art3 years ago

Something I certainly have noticed is that steem always rises. And that's the inspiration for today's artwork.

In this painting, I wanted to practice on perspective with organic shapes such as clouds.

While this painting is not sci-fi, I still can't help to want to paint vivid landscapes. Something about real nature and real landscape really appeals to me.

Out there, right now, these are real things. And mother nature is so beautiful.

What do you guys think about this painting?

Thanks for stopping by once again, and blessing me with your attention!

It's good to be back guys.

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painting is a very beautiful art that can help you express what you feel, excellent contribution greetings

I loved watching that because I have never seen the graphic design process like that before and enjoyed watching you create! I skipped the intro, turned the speed to 2x at about 3 minutes and muted the audio around the same time.

Hey thanks for dropping some feedback for me jerry. Maybe I could speed it up in future painting sessions. I've probably spent around 5 to 6 hrs of this, so its easy to lose track of what's fast enough.

One of the issues I've found when the playback is too fast is that sometimes thinks would seemingly glitch from nowhere. Perhaps I can slow those bits down though.

A shorter intro would definitely be nice.

Thanks for your feedback, it's exactly what I wanted! And also, thank you very much for your support!

yeah, steem is thundering with bursting sound upon all crypto currency. it's use case is mostly visible while other crypto currency is making people to dream only. real depiction in excellent art work. stay blessed too.

Nature always spreads purity and your graphic work on that picture made it more pure and pacific.