Speed Art Painting: Pearl Eclipse

in #art3 years ago

Welcome back folks, to another Speed Art Painting.

One of my observations about painting these kind of scenes is just how infinite things can actually be. Sometimes, I have to take a step back and tell myself "Okay thats enough" because I can literally continue painting for weeks on end.

Thankfully, these paintings are about speed and practice. Building up my understanding and concepts, while building up my knowledge of how to use my tools and time most effectively.

This painting's focus is on a eclipse. Eclipses are extremely interesting, as they are so uncommon but really show you just how massive and beautiful orbits are.

I also tried to paint an asteroid field, however, I'm slightly discontent with how it came out. I feel that the sizes were not varied enough, and the lighting effects could be better. Possibly the next time I can do a bit better.

Anyway guys, I hope you enjoy.

Tell me what you guys think. And feel free to share some suggestions for the next painting.

▶️ DTube

Thats the best thing i watched today😍

I think it's worth the time to watch. In one word, "Cool!"

Your picture already hypnotised me. It seems all these colours are combined with your passion.

Love the light coming from behind. It makes me wonder what else the light is hitting, life perhaps? Incredible work as always!