Creative Drawing Idea: How To Sketch A Mindset Of A Photographer

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I like taking photos since my childhood. Apart from drawing and writing short stories, photography is something that I find my inner peace with. You can check some of my shots at @m1alsan on Instagram.

In this post, I just wanted to meltdown two of my passions into one; drawing, and photography. And the topic I choose is, "how to draw creatively in order to express the mindset of a photographer?"

I am not interested in just drawing somebody while shooting. This would be boring. Also drawing the scenery through the viewfinder couldn't do much if the focus is the mindset instead of the view. I am more interested in the thinking process of the photographer while taking a shot.

As you may know there are some rules in photography like composition, balance, rule of thirds, contra, guiding lines, triangles, etc... It is a continuous process to build a composition, to highlight your subject by using several techniques. So in the drawing, I can use one of these concepts as well.

Ok enough for the intro, here is my doodle built around the aforementioned ideas.


There is an upper body of a photographer chasing a moment. That is necessary to create a base for the drawing. Then the main focus is the brain of the photographer. What is he thinking?

As you can see the red, green and blue puzzle pieces, they represent rules or building blocks of the composition he is trying to implement on the frame. But one is missing. And the viewer's eyes are forced to follow a spiral leading to that area. This spiral is a representation of the golden ratio, where it is known as the rule of thirds in photography. Generally, when building the composition, the subject is being placed on one of the points where the golden ratio is applied. Basically, it is the point of interest.

So what about the missing puzzle piece? Well..., it is the main subject the photographer tries to catch. We don't know what is this main subject just by looking at the drawing or even we don't care, because it is applied generally to all subjects. And it is not the subject of the drawing anyway, remember that our subject in this post is to depict the process.

Here is the answer to the very first question I asked about expressing the mindset of a photographer; "the photographer is trying to place the subject into the frame, by applying certain rules while taking a picture."

I hope this work to be a creative drawing exercise, to inspire anyone looking for some ideas to draw.


It's a great way to explain it, I'm giving my first steps in photography by reading and practicing a lot. Eventually I will try to bought a decent camera to start taking some pictures. Let's see how it all unfolds.

Best regards.

Yeah, there are great sources out there on the net. I hope you find your peace in photography as well :)

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Very cool, is an artistic photography and fantastic !

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