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This year we wanted to do something different for the upcoming holidays, meaning that we decided to skip the shopping for presents. Yes, no more buying presents! No more hours spent at the mall or in the city looking for gifts!

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We came up with a better idea: offer as Xmas gifts only things that we would create. In addition, we had to think of ways to pack them without wasting paper! Thus the three Rs came to mind: Reuse, recycle, reduce!

Therefore we wrote down the name of those who were on Santa's good list and tried to come up with some ideas of what we could create as a present for them with what we had at our disposal.

Since it was a mix of grown ups and children it was not an easy task. My son declared himself in charge of the creation of the presents for the children which left me responsible for the adults' gifts.


All I could come up with was to make them a painting in their favourite colors. Finding out what these ones were was another funny story. You can see my paintings in the photos above and below. If you like any of them, drop me a line in the comments and tell me which one was it more appealing to you! I may write a post on each one of them later on, explaining the steps.



While I was busy painting, my little munchkin came up with a plan for his gifts. He said he was inventing a game for each one of the three children on his list. Later on he asked me for some supplies and allowed me to have a sneak peek into his lab (bedroom) where he had been testing the newly invented games, I was totally blown away by his creativity!
(Among the craft supplies he asked, there were sticks, rubber bands, glue and two of his board games.)


To my surprise, he had created three different games, each one with a set of rules and instructions that I will have to type, print and add into the game's box. Since we mentioned that we were not allowed to use wrapping paper, he used some of his tin boxes as a package, which I found very original.

Game 1 - STICKETTI (Sticks+ spaghetti=Stiketti) where players use 50 colored craft sticks which are dropped on a hard surface and each player must remove the sticks one by one without moving the others. Once any of the other sticks moves during this process, the player's turn passes and the next player must start trying to remove another stick. The player with the higher number of sticks wins the game.

Game 2 - HAPPY SPINNING - Using the board of an older game, he created new rules and turned it into a totally different game.


Game 3 - BUILDICE - He combined 30 building blocks with a dice and created Buildice, a new challenging game that will put your motric and balancing skills at work. First player rolls the dice and he need to place a building block on top of another ensuring that only a certain number of bumps are staying on the bottom building block. The players need to add more and more block respecting this rule until the whole construction collapses. The last player to have placed a building block looses the game.

Here are the photos of the tin boxes he packed the games in.




As for my paintings, instead of wrapping them, I place them in red felt Xmas XL bags I had from last year's presents.

We loved so much the way our presents came out, that we transformed this rule of making the gifts instead of buying them into a family tradition. We may not offer paintings and games each year, but it will certainly be something that we worked on!

What about you? How are you tackling your Xmas gift list this year?


What cool art and such creativity witht he games Love the idea of hand made presents instead of store brough so much more personal and thought out I do believe

Thanks! I think it's pretty neat to offer something unique that you spent time and energy creating it.

yes indeed unique and made with the heart has to be always special

This is beautiful @lymepoet. We are doing the same, it's a homespun Christmas with the Birds. I can't show my gifts yet as my daughter is on Steemit. I will share though :) You are so creative, and I see your son is also! Love making the games. I wish Christmas could make a comeback in this way! I used to make all of my gifts for Christmas. Love this!

Thank you! Except for an old friend who is not active, none of my family members or close ones is on Steemit, so I am safe. I didn't ruin the surprise. ;0)

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I love the 5 chakra's picture :)
I will get my gift list at a dollar store (Daiso japan). A little something for everyone.
Merry christmas!

It's the gesture that counts, anyways! That little nothing brings a big smile upon one's face. Last year, the kids in my family had more fun with the wrapping paper than with their gifts. Merry Xmas to you and your family, honey!

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Not sure yet, as 'we' are homeless at the moment but, last year Larry gifted folks at Christmas time with links to full albums on Youtube and blessed all of his friends and family with the gift of music. Didn't cost a dime and it made folks happy. Well, except the person who got the Mr. Bungle album for a gift. Turns out they didn't like Mr. Bungle so much, lol...

That's a wonderful idea, everyone loves music! Mental note for next year's gifts: music! ;0)

What lovely gifts! I would love to be on your Christmas list!

Thank you! That's such a sweet comment! ;0)

What a cool idea to get the creative juices flowing and get into the spirit of giving. Love this idea!

We took it as a challenge and turned it into a tradition. Hopefully everyone will be pleased with their gifts.

I love, love, LOVE your paintings. And your boy is a genius!

My kids strongly believe in Santa so we got to work on our gift making presents. This year I got them things they can be creative with or learn with. My son has a recipe book that fits his age, a lab set where he can make 50 science creations plus how to's list with using household items and a board game. My daughter we got her mermaid tie die kits with shirts and another kit where she can paint different designs on her shirts. My last daughter is still young so we got her interacting toys that work with her fine motor skills , language and emotions. All fun stuff ^_^

Thank you and thank you! My son stopped believing in Santa around 3 yo when he saw his beard was fake. He never liked the idea of getting close to him at the mall, but liked receiving presents. When asked at kindergarten if he wanted to sit on Santa's lap or take a photo with him his answer was: "He's a stranger! Do the other moms know that their kids are sitting on a stranger's lap?" He was just 3!!! lol
Leaning toys or those that boost kids' creativity are always a great addition to the rest of the piles of toys. At least these ones will justify their cost and actually help the kids with something. ;0)

Your son is a smart cookie!

We live in a small town. There is one man that acts as Santa here and the next town over. He has a real white beard and plays the part awesomely. We all know him and knows where he lives so for us he's no stranger. Other places, I do hesitate, so I try to avoid the malls when I have the kids.
Although, the mine where my husband works made a xmas party for the kids. Lots of activities for the kids to do, jump in the bouncy houses, inflatables etc. They brought a santa to give gifts and my daughter (5) told me that he doesn't look like a real santa lol. I told her that he's Santa's assistant since Santa is in another place to visit kids. She was ok with that.

I try to minimize the amount of toys my kids get because picking them up becomes endless! I aim for toys that have less things that go with it. Most of it gets lost anyways. But some I just can't get away from lol. Like legos. Those freakin legos. Those lego slippers I once saw to protect our feet are becoming more and more of an interesting item....

Your post reminded me to a time we were playing secret Santa and the rule was that the gift had to be made by ourselves. I think this kind of gift is way more valuable, because you give your time, effort, and your will, to actually come up with something. And that gift has been made from scratch, specifically for that person.

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