ZOMBIE ATACK!!! 💀🎨 - (Draw)

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SUP "LUNATICOS", time without seeing them, this will be fast although the drawing took me a lot of time, For this drawing I used a variety of old colors that I had saved, a marker and a pen.

Let's draw!.

Once upon a time there was a movie that scared me when I was little boy, now I draw the zombie of that movie.

La Fine.

Drawing process. ✍

I love the characters of old horror movies, I feel that they are full of magic in some way.

Step by Step

Photos 📷

I will show you some pictures that I took and I liked.





Well, that would be all for today, this is another drawing for the portfolio, remember to leave up-votes, comments, restemearlo, if you vote a lot this drawing I will buy paintbrushes and white paint and paint the clouds. The movie is called "the return of the living dead".


Until the next post...

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