Rip X (xxxtentation) (draw)

in art •  2 years ago  (edited)

Hi lunáticos, sorry for dont share more art, i am a little busy right now, but i made a lot of draw, this is only one.


how is "Xxxtentation"?, well is a rap-trap singer, i like his music, so when he dies i feel bad, so i draw him.

he sing agressive and heavy songs like this look at me or soft and sad songs like Angel.

If you do not know him, now you can know a little about him.

This is the link of his biography in wikipedia

The photo is from wikipedia too.

I know u gonna like

My english is bad, the drawing is made by me just to clarify,
I would love you to follow me to see more drawings and content of my authorship.

Until the next post, bye.

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