White Angel of Liberation Vanquishing Conquest - Original Painting Collaboration

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Painting 1 of 4 in The Four Angels of the Apocalypse Series

DnA_1_White Angel.jpg

Painted in Barcelona, 2012 by Aloria Weaver & David Heskin

A re-visioning of the “Birth of Venus” with a deeper understanding of the planet Venus as the Great Comet of antiquity, and identifying the Birth of Venus as an actual event in the beginning of recorded history. Venus was once a beautiful and terrifying comet and the Saturnian planetary configuration created a cataclysmic event that shaped human consciousness, often referred to across cultures as “the great battle in the heavens”.

A Thunderbolt Caduceus (symbolizing both healing as well as the cosmic plasma discharge formation) points down to a military graveyard on the reddish planet, Mars. The goddess is crowned by her planet’s orbital pattern as seen from Earth, the five inferior conjunctions of Venus.

The drive for conquest and subjugation is a collective expression of an unconscious fear of being annihilated, perhaps by a great planetary cataclysm. Understanding the truth of ancient history and bringing to light collective unconscious memory is a path to freedom. True liberation is immune to subjugation and defies conquest; the goddess/planet Venus also represents love and is known as the “morning star” signifying the arrival of the dawn after a period of darkness.

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que hermosa idea y que composicio tan interesante has creado amigo te felicito

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