Ford 999 - modeling in Autodesk 3Ds Max

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Ford 999 modeling.

After building this massive car Henry Ford was reluctant to drive it, so he hired a fearless bicycle racer named Barney Oldfield. Oldfield won many races at the controls of "999" and would go on to become America's first nationally famous race driver. The success of "999" would help Ford promote his next venture, Ford Motor Company. This car represents the triumph of brute force over finesse. The huge 1155 cu. in. engine is mounted in a wood frame; there is a clutch but no transmission; the single brake acts only on the rear axle, which mounts rigidly to the frame without benefit of springs. The name "999" came from a famous steam locomotive that set a 112 mph speed record in 1893. Henry Ford himself would set an automobile speed record of 91.37 mph in 1904 driving the "Arrow," a twin to his "999." Engine: Ford, inline 4-cylinder, atmospheric overhead intake values and side exhaust valves, 1155 cu. in., 70 hp (est.)

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Model made in Autodesk 3ds max I Chaosgroup Vray. I created the model for almost 3 months in my free time. I took care of details and realism with the real car. Model made only and exclusively on the basis of available photos on the Internet.


The model consists of almost 2.5 million polygons, 30 different textures. This is the first stage of a larger project, which will consist of a car model, a model figure of Henry Ford made in the Pixologic Zbrush program and photos of an interesting location in my city.





Please, honestly evaluate the project.

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Awesome modelling looking forward to seeing the finished scene. Never heard of this thing so its good to learn about it.

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