New Art - "When Words Hurt"

in art •  last month 

New digital artwork called "When Words Hurt"
More here --->

When Words Hurt.jpg

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Once again a strong expression.

I like this one a lot. Very poetic.

Thank you. Glad you like it :-)

Hi lucydyer,

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very professional, as always. You are one of my favorite artists founded on the steemit and very often I am checking your profile, always finding artworks staying in the very similar style, which I adore so much and I also widely described on the previous posts :) Keep working girl coz you're doing it great !

Wow! Thank you so much. so glad you like what you see. :-)

I LOVED IT! Congratulations, it's amazing, I hope you have more recognition

Thank you :-)

I didn't read your title and I was thinking about her expression. Then I read it and I realized that hurt was one of the feelings I was considering. Another one was scared or hunted. Something like that..

Great work! I love the simple but expressive color palette. It looks very good!

Have a lovely weekend!

Thank you :-)

ehy dear @lucydyer, I love the style of your paintings! they are always so profound, so the impact on the emotions of those who look at them. How does your work begin? are all your drawings or parts from some photos / images? congratulations, all the best for you :-))

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  ·  last month (edited)

I have no idea what those characters spell but if they represent insults or tragic phrases they must compile a powerful message.
Words certainly can cause as much, if not more, damage than physical force.
Despite all the efforts that have been done to "get along with each other", we keep struggling to clean languages from hurtful utterances. I guess our zeal for freedom of speech is stronger and more determined.
I like the composition and style you chose. Made me think of some movie posters that attract and repell at the same time. The drama in the female face says a lot without saying much. I guess that's why you chose the chinese(?) characters.
We have an expression in spanish when someone explains something to us that we still don't get, me estás hablando en chino (that's chinese to me).

Ha! I love it when art speaks to people differently. Thank you for your interpretation of this piece. :-)