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This started off to be a short drawing exercise but turned into
a detailed piece of artwork. I had no idea how this was going to
turn out. Kind of went with the flow of things.


This became more like therapy to me instead of a art project.
With each pen stroke l got more into it, not knowing or caring
what the final drawing would look like.6D5E1E78-B066-4450-98E1-8CAB27A9A29F.jpeg


What art and Steemit has done for me it’s taught me patience as
l continue to refine my skills and sharing my gift with others.




Art is a life lesson. With each piece of work you give
a little bit of yourself. A part of emotions, how you
see the world around you. Could be related to personal fears.
The joys of life.
How someone done you wrong, a miracle dealing with health
issues with family, friends, your ups and downs. How we
see the wonder and joy in children’s eyes. The freedom it
brings, plus independence, expressing who you really are.

There are so many factors that come into play.

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So sweet art. I love art


Thank you dhhayr.

Pretty cool patterns I love itAmazing texture


Thank you tokoya.

Very nice art.I like your art work.


Thank you chhidroo.

Excellent,,, waoooo.


Thank you waanbhachran.

Good job ,,, @luckyfellow.I impress your art


Thank you zerozero33.

What a Beautiful art work .I wait for next art post


Thank shahbazhel.

Very nice art sir.i never think like are amazing


Thank you reetuahlawat.

Great work.your very lucky in art


Thank maghribkhan.

It's really a nice and perfect art... When i see the the first photo, say... Whats is this...???

When see second... Hmmm...
When Third.. O Nice

Next.... Good
Next... Next
Next and say.... Wowwww.... Its a different and creative art...
@luckyfellow good job sir....


Thank mharjit.

oh! final result very impressive my friend ❤
Fantabules drawing 😊very the intense shading. Well done!


Thank ykdesign.

Very good art @Luckyfellow, I really like various kinds of art ,, good posts ...


Thank you muksalmacro.


Sama-sama saudaraku @luckyfellow

I couldn't upvote..Cool drawing, and thanks for documenting the process!