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I usually don’t take Macro shots as I don’t have a Macro lens, but I took this close up and then cropped it.

As you may or may not know, Macro photography involves taking pictures of small objects up close so that they’re magnified to life like proportions.

This little guy was hanging out on a leaf and I was able to capture him.

You can see his cute little face and big eyes - he looks as if he’s almost smiling.

It’s an awesome feeling to capture the life of another animal and to share it with my followers as not everyone has seen a dragonfly before.

I hope you all take the time to appreciate it!



Despite anything, awesome shot:)

Perfect timing to click. awesome photo 😊 well done @lpreap

Yeh, I think he did smile for the photo :)

Amazing insect macro shot.

Well, that's a pretty impressive result for a regular lens! And you got excellent sharpness in there too... his (her?) little antennae are clearly visible.

very good quality of photos, funny that in the picture he is smiling :)

Good Job, am sure the fly also waited to have a nice shot from you before it fly away

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