Yulia Brodskaya: Quilling Master

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Yulia Brodskaya is today's most recognized artist in quilling, where paper is used to make intricate and beautiful designs.

Born in Moscow in 1983, Yulia Brodskaya moved from her native home in 2004 to study art at the University of Hertfordshire. She received a Master of Art in Graphics Communication in 2006. Her quilling is known for it's incorporation of vibrant colors with nuanced blending and natural lines that give her work an organic quality.


Quilling is a remarkable artform because it combines mosaic patterns with the tactile satisfaction of relief. This combination permeates quilled artwork with a delicate texture that plays subtly with light and shadow.


Yulia has an uncanny ability to capture expression in her pieces wherein she depicts human subjects.



Here is Yulia in her studio.


Visit Yulia's home page at http://www.artyulia.co.uk/.