Photography: My Love For Art

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I am an art lover. I don't mean the pretentious type who tries to somehow describe what was going on in the life of the artist while interpreting the art, I just like looking at art. It's just so fascinating and beautiful, I wouldn't mind holding a glass of white wine and bullshitting my way into a conversation about modern impressionism, but in truth I'm not an art guru and such, but when I do come into a good load of money I will buy works of art I consider brilliant and fun to look at.

I visited Eko hotels in Lagos over the weekend and saw the art they adorned some areas with and I couldn't help but find some of em fascinating. I took some pictures and I would like to share some with you.

art 7.jpg

art 4.jpg

art 3.jpg

art 5.jpg

art 2.jpg

art 8.jpg

art 6.jpg



Thanks for sharing; can't really picture the scale of these figures, but I imagine they are pretty small making the tiny details even more impressive. I especially like the one in your first and last photos!

Yeah they're not very big, the one you especially like is the biggest of the lot. Thanks for stopping by

Everyone looks tall and thin. It must be the art style. Thanks for sharing. @ironshield

This is awesome, nice sketch. I love art coz of it true and genuine content @lordmok

Quite true

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If someone needs to 'interpret' a piece of art, either they don't understand that art is supposed to uplift the spirit through beauty, or the art is garbage disguised as art. Thanks for the photos. I love photos for some reason.

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@lordmok, you'll need plenty of wine to keep up with all the art you'll be able to afford one day. :)

Haha, thank you so much for the vote of confidence

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