Ganesh Painting (Original Artwork)

in #art4 years ago

I'm clearing out my room so I can build a bunk/raised bed for my room and I keep coming across paintings and sketchbooks and a ton of old artwork. I'd really like to redo some of these and post a "Then and Now" type thing to see how I've improved.

Anyway, the story behind this painting:

So I had an idea for a painting that was a slightly more artsy version of this painting that I had done on my bedroom wall a year or so earlier:


My artistic style had changed a lot since painting that but I didn't want to fix it because I like to keep the old things so I can tell how I've gotten better in the future.

My mom had all this paint and huge canvases sitting around at her shop where we did art lessons and other stuff. I was actually in the mood to paint, so I sketched this out:


Step two. Background. Oh my gods I LOOOVE how it's looking already! I love when art works out. YASS! I was using a blend of acrylics, some cheap ass paint that was sitting around and some watercolors.


Adding the Lotus:


IT'S DONE. oh my gods I love it.


And here it is hanging on the wall in the room where we're getting ready for a painting class. I looove the bottom half of this painting but not the top. so much so that I've thought about fixing it.


Now it's been so long since that one that I've actually been thinking about repainting it again.



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Cool!! thanks for sharing your paintings!!