"Clarence; The Distant Darkness" Acrylic on Canvas By Logan Walden

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We all have it from time to time. The "nagging" in the back of your head. Whether it's the dirty dishes in the sink you've been ignoring or the tough conversation you have to have with your spouse or a part of your own identity that you don't want to face yet. Sometimes this "nagging" can be a quiet whisper or a daunting shadow that darkens the path in front of you and you know the only way to make it clear again is to face it head-on. It's disorienting and frightening. Acts of escapism will only last for so long. Eventually, you will have to clean those dishes in the sink.

Hopefully, this painting can help with this common conundrum by identifying it to make it easier to approach.

This is "Clarence; The Distant Darkness", and he's a big fluffy cloud cat.

See? He's not so bad.

P.S. You're probably wondering why some of the objects in this painting are there. This originally started off as a commission by a great local band who wanted an album cover. I love their music and it takes me to some pretty far out and emotional places in my mind. The bands name is Common Center. This was one of 3 paintings I did for them. I'll share the other two in a later post.


Amazing work, great post.

shucks. thanks Cody

You say, "Eventually, you have to clean those dishes in the sink." I laughed because I my mom used to say that. I would retort, "Isn't that what you had kids for?" We would laugh, but it was passive aggressive on my part. She never did dishes while the kids lived at home. Anyway.... wonderful art. :)

Whenever someone says the dishwasher is broken I say, "I have two working ones on each arm".

I love your write up about this painting. We all have to face the big cloud kitty sooner or later. :)